Topic: Africa

  • The U.S. war in Africa

    A new book paints the true picture of Barack Obama's Africa policy: a huge increase in spending on the U.S. military presence.

  • War and elections in Nigeria

    A Nigerian socialist describes what's at stake in Nigeria's elections--and what the outcomes could mean for working people.

  • Class matters in Nigeria's elections

    There is a heated debate about the national election, but few mainstream figures are talking about the country's main divide.

  • The Marikana miners deserve justice

    The family members of striking miners massacred by South African police in 2012 have taken their fight to the courts.

  • Why was NUMSA expelled?

    The expulsion of the metalworkers' union from the main union federation in South Africa is part of a political realignment.

  • What's next in Burkina Faso?

    After 27 years in power, the dictator Blaise Compaoré was finally removed from power after massive demonstrations.

  • Ebola and the terrorism of poverty

    Racism and the drive for profits are making the Ebola crisis worse in West Africa--at a terrible cost in human suffering.

  • Sending soldiers to save lives?

    As the first U.S. case of Ebola is identified, the Obama administration response to the epidemic in Africa is to send U.S. troops.

  • Protests, profits and Ebola

    The Ebola epidemic in West Africa continues to run rampant because of the failure of the West to provide needed aid.

  • An epidemic aided by poverty

    The rapid and widespread character of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is directly connected to systemic inequality.

  • Two directions in South Africa

    Ronnie Kasrils and Cyril Ramaphosa exchanged harsh words in the run-up to the recent elections in South Africa.

  • Behind the dirty war in Nigeria

    Outrage at the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls is being used to build support for actions that will make the violence worse.

  • A break with the past in South Africa

    What does the refusal of South Africa's National Union of Metalworkers's to endorse the African National Congress mean?

  • What's behind the violence in South Sudan?

    A conflict between political leaders has spilled over into bloodshed, causing more suffering in the newest nation in Africa.

  • A life shaped by the struggle

    Many of the tributes to Nelson Mandela ignore how he was influenced by political ideas and liberation struggles of his time.

  • Amandla!

    After decades of struggle against apartheid, Black South Africans celebrated in 1994 as they took part in elections for the first time.

  • Don't African lives matter?

    When they teach us about Africa, why don't we learn about the Great African War and King Leopold's reign of terror in the Congo?

  • Mandela and the world of sports

    Nelson Mandela's relationship to the sports world has been lionized, but there was a side that was far more controversial.

  • Mandela was not alone

    We must honor Nelson Mandela's legacy, but also remember that the struggle to liberate South Africa was a collective effort.

  • Praised by his persecutors

    The defenders of apartheid have to scramble in Mandela's shadow for a space to declare that they admired him after all.

  • When Mandela was president

    Ending apartheid was an immense achievement, but the system Nelson Mandela led afterward didn't end the suffering of the majority of Blacks.

  • Britain's gulag in Kenya

    Today's leaders of imperial Britain and apologists for the empire want us to move on and forget the atrocities of the past.

  • What's behind the bloodshed in Nairobi?

    The deadly assault at a Kenyan mall is being portrayed as mindless fanaticism--but its roots lie in the U.S.-led "war on terror" coming to Africa.

  • South African labor goes into battle

    A new wave of strikes in South Africa is continuing the conflict between workers and the business-backed ANC government.

  • A South African October?

    South African socialist Neville Alexander envisioned a movement that simultaneously fought apartheid and capitalism.