Topic: History

  • Liebknecht's cry of defiance in a military court

    One hundred years ago, German socialist Karl Liebknecht was sent to prison for protesting the First World War on May Day.

  • Taft and Hartley can shove it

    U.S. workers have devised many tactics to fight their employers. The Taft-Hartley Act was designed to outlaw as many as possible.

  • Texas hosts a war criminal

    Students at the University of Texas in Austin knew what to do when they heard Henry Kissinger was coming to campus: protest.

  • It's time to exonerate Ethel

    Supporters of an effort to exonerate a victim of the 1950s anti-communist witch hunts are taking their fight to Washington.

  • The Kiental Manifesto

    Socialist opponents of the First World War who came together in Zimmerwald in 1915 met again a year later to issue a new appeal.

  • Upton Sinclair and the Democrats' dirty tricks

    The famous socialist won mass support during his 1934 campaign for governor of California--but he was betrayed by the Democratic Party.

  • Ireland's Easter Rising against colonial rule

    One hundred years ago, Irish resistance in Britain's oldest colony stood in defiance to imperial rule--and inspired others around the world to follow.

  • Ireland's fight for self-determination

    In July 1916, Russian revolutionary Lenin offered his analysis of the Irish uprising against British rule, the Easter Rising.

  • Loveable dingbats or hateful warmongers?

    All the mythmaking in the world following the death of Nancy Reagan isn't going to disguise the bigotry and reaction of the Reagan years.

  • Lessons for the new Black freedom struggle

    Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor's book takes Black Lives Matter movement as a jumping-off point to examine the history of racism and anti-racism.

  • What would a "radical reconstruction" mean?

    SW features this excerpt from a new book by our contributor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor titled From #BlackLives Matter to Black Liberation.

  • America's concentration camps

    Calls to ban Muslim migrants raise the specter of a shameful chapter in U.S. history: when Japanese Americans were interned.

  • Thanksgiving double standards

    The celebration of a founding myth based on compassion for newcomers rings hollow considering the treatment of Syrian refugees.

  • The Black Bolsheviks

    A century ago, Cyril Briggs founded the African Blood Brotherhood, the foundation for a generation of Black socialists in the U.S.

  • A working-class troubadour

    One hundred years after his murder by the state, we're still celebrating the revolutionary activism and music of Wobbly Joe Hill.

  • What is Eurocommunism?

    A political current that envisioned a gradual, peaceful road to socialism through parliament ended up a defender of austerity.

  • The making of the Russian Revolution describes how Russia became the first and only country to achieve a socialist revolution in a special series excerpted here.

  • Changing the world from below

    Grace Lee Boggs' life was a monument to some of the most powerful social movements in the history of the struggle for justice.

  • The measure of a revolutionary

    There's a tendency among defenders of the status quo to turn great historical figures like Eugene Debs into harmless icons.

  • The Zimmerwald Manifesto

    The gathering of socialists in Zimmerwald 100 years ago ended with a united appeal for resistance against the First World War.

  • Resolution of the Zimmerwald Left

    At the Zimmerwald conference 100 years ago, a group of delegates led by Russia's Bolsheviks put forward their own resolution.

  • Liebknecht's letter to Zimmerwald

    The imprisoned German revolutionary Karl Liebknecht sent a statement to the socialist antiwar gathering in Zimmerwald.

  • The new socialist resistance against war

    A small gathering held in Zimmerwald, Switzerland, 100 years ago marked a turning point in the socialist movement.

  • The party and Black liberation

    The Communist Party was the first socialist group in the U.S. to make the fight against racial oppression central to its program.

  • A hero of the Western Wobblies

    An engaging biography of Frank Little aims to recover the IWW leader's mighty struggles as lessons for left-wingers today.