Topic: Housing-Homelessness

  • Is Airbnb looting rental units?

    Vacation rental websites are exacerbating the housing crisis in San Francisco, sending rents for residents through the roof.

  • East Harlem needs housing

    The homeless and their advocates held a protest against police abuse and New York City's lack of affordable housing.

  • Persecuting the "undesirables"

    A "quality of life" initiative for a busy corridor of East Harlem would reward developers while targeting the vulnerable.

  • De Blasio's naked priorities

    New York City's mayor has declared war, but the enemy isn't slumlords or brutal cops. It's Times Square's "painted ladies."

  • How the Monster in the Mission was slayed

    Plans for constructing a 10-story complex of luxury rentals and condos in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District have collapsed.

  • Homelessness is the crime, not the homeless

    You might think an encounter with police is the last thing homeless people need--but that's what they face, more and more, in cities everywhere.

  • Turning libraries into condos

    A public library in Brooklyn has been starved of funds and now sold off to the highest bidder--to make way for luxury housing.

  • The next steps against evictions in S.F.

    Tenant rights' activists are fighting housing changes that are making San Francisco too expensive for working people.

  • Affordable housing at risk again in NYC

    Nearly 2 million families in New York City are awaiting a deal in the state capital to restore the protections of rent stabilization.

  • Meet the new public housing plan

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to preserve public housing looks a lot like his predecessor Michael Bloomberg's.

  • A 1,000-foot middle finger to affordable housing

    Some of Manhattan's swankiest luxury condo skyscrapers benefit from real estate tax breaks originally designed to generate affordable housing.

  • Playing politics with affordable housing

    Tenant groups are battling to save rent stabilization in New York, but they face opposition and apathy from elected officials.

  • A public housing victory in Seattle

    A Seattle housing activist explains what it took to stop the city's plans to hammer public housing tenants with large rent increases.

  • Hiding the homeless

    Reports claiming a decline in homelessness are being used to cover up a crisis that the government doesn't intend to solve.

  • The war on giving

    The arrest of a 90-year-old man in Fort Lauderdale for serving hot meals to those in need is the latest example of a wave of "homeless hate laws."

  • Pushing the homeless out in Boston

    The abrupt closure of Boston's largest homeless shelter has meant that hundreds of people lost their only place to stay.

  • Boom and bust in San Francisco

    San Francisco's skyrocketing rents are pricing working-class people out of the city--and leading to a wave of evictions.

  • Driving the poor from public housing

    The Seattle Housing Authority is proposing a rent increase of 500 percent over six years for some public-housing residents.

  • Poor people: Use the rear door

    Why would a Manhattan building with a separate, rear entrance for low-income people--a "poor door"--receive city subsidies?

  • Locking the poor out

    A new plan punishes public-housing residents by raising rents as an incentive to work--whether or not there are jobs available.

  • Queens scores a victory against gentrification

    Pressure from angry residents of Astoria in New York City has dealt a setback to a proposed mega-development.

  • Can de Blasio make New York City affordable?

    Bill de Blasio says he's proposing the "most ambitious affordable housing program" ever--but he won't fight for all that's needed.

  • We are Logan Square

    Tenants facing eviction in a Chicago neighborhood are taking on a real estate mogul seeking to drive out "undesirables."

  • What drives gentrification?

    The takeover of urban neighborhoods isn't the result of lifestyle changes, but capitalism's relentless pursuit of profit.

  • Who will help the homeless in New York?

    New Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would take action for homeless and poor New Yorkers, but was that just campaign rhetoric?