Topic: Middle East

  • Overestimating Turkish discontent

    It is simply too early to say that the corruption scandal in Turkey has reignited the flames of discontent.

  • The king and the field marshal

    A dense network of financial and industrial titans, stretching from Cairo to Saudi Arabia, sustains Egypt's counterrevolution.

  • What remains of the Arab Spring?

    The euphoria of 2011 has given way to disillusionment, but the regional revolutionary process is still just beginning.

  • Defend basic rights in Egypt

    Activists and academics from Egypt and around the world are circulating a petition to demand essential democratic rights.

  • Standing up for democratic rights in Egypt

    Individuals and groups are have joined forces to call on the Egyptian military government to respect democracy.

  • Egypt's revolutionary tides

    Mobilizing to Tahrir Square on the third anniversary of our revolution was significant even if the effort fell short.

  • Behind a "diplomatic solution" in Syria

    Calling for "peace" means calling for the maintenance of the Syrian regime and an end to the Syrian people's just struggle.

  • Keeping the spirit of Tahrir alive

    A member of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt spoke at a screening of the Oscar-nominated documentary The Square.

  • A defender of oppression

    The Syrian nun Mother Agnés presents herself as a humanitarian, but she is a supporter of the Syrian regime.

  • Pretext for a crackdown

    Egypt's military government used its campaign to pass a new constitution as a justification for repressing all dissent.

  • The fire of revolution still burns

    Three years since the Arab Spring, the uprisings across the Arab world have endured setbacks, but the flame of the revolt is far from extinguished.

  • Remembering Doğan Tarkan

    The international left lost a dedicated and able fighter in December with the passing of a veteran Turkish socialist.

  • Revolution and state repression in Egypt

    An Egyptian labor lawyer and socialist, facing a new threat of arrest, describes the latest wave of repression against the left.

  • Protest the repression in Egypt

    Solidarity activists are speaking out against the Egyptian military's crackdown on leading left-wing figures and their organizations.

  • Palestine and the Syrian revolt

    A Palestinian activist expresses her unconditional support for the Syrian Revolution at a recent conference.

  • Protesting an Assad apologist

    Activists in solidarity with the Syrian rebellion are speaking out against providing a forum for an apologist for the regime.

  • Revolution from the inside out

    A daylong teach-in in New York City about the Syrian revolution provided insiders' accounts of both its promise and peril.

  • Behind the lines in Syria

    This eyewitness account of the Syrian revolution is the result of a two-month visit to Manbij, a liberated town of some 200,000.

  • Nueva senda revolucionaria

    En su declaración fundacional, un frente unido de revolucionarios egipcios esboza su estrategia para continuar la lucha.

  • A revolutionary front in Egypt

    A united front of Egyptian revolutionaries has issued a founding statement outlining its strategy for continuing the struggle

  • Syria's uprising versus the counterrevolutions

    A veteran socialist analyzes the Syrian revolution, the repression and violence used against it, and the maneuvering of imperial powers.

  • Telling the stories of Syria's masses

    Jihad Asa'ad Muhammad reported the conditions of Syria's "wretched of the earth"--until he was imprisoned by the regime.

  • Thrown behind bars in Cairo

    Dr. Tarek Loubani and John Greyson are on a hunger strike to protest their incarceration in Egypt for more than a month.

  • Dispelling the illusions about Syria

    With threats of a U.S. attack on Syria derailed for now, those on the left who have supported the Assad dictatorship have some questions to answer.

  • You can't be antiwar and pro-dictator

    The antiwar movement will suffer if organizations that embrace Syria's dictatorship set the terms of how activists oppose U.S. threats to attack Syria.