Topic: Middle East

  • Why are Syria's refugees going through hell?

    Faced with death and destruction if they remain in their homes in Syria, millions have decided to endure terrible risks of becoming refugees.

  • How the Syrian revolution transformed me

    I viewed the world through the lens of the Palestinian struggle, but Syria's rebellion has taught all of us a lesson in solidarity.

  • Aleppo is burning

    The Syrian regime believes it can retake a stronghold of the rebellion against it--by turning it into a devastated wasteland.

  • Protesting U.S.-backed repression in Egypt

    A group of U.S. educators are speaking out against detentions by the Egyptian military regime in response to renewed protests.

  • We want the truth about Giulio

    News reports are confirming what solidarity activists feared: Egyptian security forces likely tortured and killed an Italian student.

  • Egyptian activists face arrests ahead of protests

    Labor lawyer Haitham Mohamedain is among some 100 Egyptian activists detained by security forces ahead of planned protests.

  • The tide of resistance rises again in Egypt

    Driven by economic grievances, masses of Egyptians are again occupying public spaces in defiance of the military regime.

  • How did Syria become a burning country?

    The war in Syria demands that we analyze who is oppressed and who is the oppressor--and ask how we can stand in solidarity with the struggle.

  • Crisis and conflict in Turkey

    The deadly violence in Ankara and Istanbul has its roots in the Turkish government's murderous repression against the Kurds.

  • Siria: La revolución en las calles

    Una tregua parcial en Siria dio espacio al movimiento revolucionario para organizar las primeras protestas masivas desde 2013.

  • A society where women are targets

    With supporters of women's rights under attack, Turkish activists discuss how to combat violence against women.

  • Syria's revolutionaries return to the streets

    A partial truce in the fighting in Syria gave space to the revolutionary movement to organize the first mass protests since 2013.

  • The left's false logic on Syria

    Many on the left are concluding that Russia and Iran, since the U.S. opposes them, must be the "good guys" in Syria. They're wrong.

  • How was Syria turned into hell on earth?

    The conflict between rival regional and imperial powers has played out in Syria against the backdrop of the regime's war on a popular uprising.

  • Turkey's war on the Kurds intensifies

    The Turkish government is using a deadly car bombing in Ankara as an excuse to escalate its war on the Kurdish struggle.

  • The darkest days yet for Syria

    Intense Russian air strikes combined with Iranian-backed militias on the ground are winning Syria back for the Assad regime.

  • Assad's offensive in Aleppo

    The Syrian regime, backed by Russian air power, derailed peace negotiations in order to continue its campaign of ethnic cleansing.

  • From revolution to reaction in Egypt

    A leading Egyptian socialist reflects on the causes of the Egyptian Revolution five years ago--and the regime's drive to eradicate its memory today.

  • What's another beheading among allies?

    Protecting the Saudi elite from scrutiny or sanction has long been a priority for Western leaders, no matter what the crime.

  • Turkey's renewed war on the Kurds

    The Turkish government is mobilizing its war machine in Kurdish cities, towns and villages, inflicting new levels of suffering.

  • Taher Mokhtar must be freed

    A solidarity campaign is being mobilized for Dr. Taher Mokhtar and two colleagues who were arrested by Egyptian security forces.

  • Five years after the Arab Spring

    On the anniversary of the beginning of the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, a leading voice of the left takes stock.

  • America's ally in barbarism strikes again

    Saudi Arabia's execution of a prominent dissident cleric is causing turmoil across the Middle East--and raising the threat of wider violence.

  • Contra la guerra y la represión

    Nos oponemos a los dictadores, la agresión imperialista y a Daesh. Rechazamos la política de "seguridad nacional", el racismo y la austeridad.

  • Standing against war, repression and tyranny

    We oppose dictators, imperialist aggression and Daesh, and reject the politics of "national security," racism and austerity.