Topic: Middle East

  • Save Ashraf Fayadh

    A Palestinian refugee poet living in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death by a Saudi court for his creative expression.

  • How did Turkey's ruling party regain its grip?

    The AKP emerged stronger after Turkey's latest election--but not strong enough to crush the pro-Kurdish, democratic resistance.

  • The roots of the massacre in Ankara

    The bombing of a peace rally was the deadliest in Turkey's history, and the government deserves much of the blame.

  • What does Russia want in its war in Syria?

    What's behind Russia's military intervention in Syria and what does it mean for the Syrian people after years of civil war?

  • Caught in a vise of imperialist rivalries

    The multiple interests of U.S. and Russian imperialism are playing out in Syria, as Russia's air war reaches a new level of destruction and death.

  • Why is peace a threat to Turkey's rulers?

    The bombing of a peace march in Ankara is part of a deadly war on Kurds and the left--and the Turkish government must be held responsible.

  • Why is Russia dropping bombs in Syria?

    Russia's military intervention marks a new chapter in a bloody conflict--and an escalation of its imperial confrontation with the U.S.

  • America's favored dictatorship

    Saudi Arabia has launched a barbaric war on Yemen, among other crimes, but its rulers are still hailed as friends of the West.

  • Erdogan's cynical new war

    A campaign of terrorist violence is being waged against Turkey's left-wing Peoples' Democratic Party ahead of general elections.

  • How the tide turned against Turkey's rulers

    Since the Gezi protests of 2013, everything has changed for the formerly popular Justice and Development Party government.

  • Enduring two years of the regime's barbarism

    Since the Syrian regime's poison gas attack two years ago this week, the inhabitants of eastern Ghouta have had no relief.

  • The main enemy is the regime

    Egyptian revolution supporters who equally condemn the dictatorship and the Muslim Brotherhood are taking the regime's side.

  • An excuse to whip up nationalist fervor

    Terrorist attacks have given the Egyptian regime of Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi the excuse for further measures against dissent.

  • After the massacre in Suruç

    Leaders of the People's Democratic Party call for justice and solidarity in the aftermath of a massacre in southern Turkey.

  • Giving the regime what it wants

    The assassination of Egypt's top prosecutor only makes the tasks facing already embattled revolutionaries more difficult.

  • The left advances in Turkey's election

    A recently formed party based among Kurds but embracing the whole left in Turkey scored an election breakthrough.

  • Smearing the Syrian uprising

    Conspiracy theories that the U.S. fueled the rise of ISIS are a backhanded attack on the Syrian uprising against Assad.

  • Facing Egypt's kangaroo courts

    Several revolutionary activists in Egypt have been taken into custody as they await the outcome of a May 31 court appeal.

  • Support Egyptian labor leaders

    We stand with fired labor leaders at the Mahalla textile factory, which has been a stronghold of resistance for nearly a decade.

  • The undeclared drone war

    Barack Obama's escalation of drone warfare is central to a larger reengineering of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

  • No to intervention in Yemen

    Six socialist organizations from around the Middle East join together to call for an end to war and intervention in Yemen.

  • The rivalries tearing the Middle East apart

    New military escalations by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will further destabilize a Middle East of multiplying hostilities and humanitarian disasters.

  • Rifts running through the Arab world

    Recognizing inequality in power and wealth is essential to understand the counter-revolutionary moment in the Middle East.

  • Saudi Arabia's get-out-of-terror-free card

    Saudi Arabia is connected to terrorism around the world--yet the U.S. government considers it an ally in the "war on terror."

  • To Egypt's revolutionary youth

    A member of the Revolutionary Socialists explains what Egypt's struggle teaches us about class struggle, sectarianism and terrorism.