Books and Entertainment

  • Running low on hope

    The question of how quickly climate change is taking place hovers over the discussion in the book Hope on Earth.

  • The lessons of cricket

    It's a measure of C.L.R. James's skill as a writer that Beyond a Boundary is one of the best books about sports ever written.

  • Winner of a different kind of Hunger Games

    Let's look at what the championship UConn men's basketball program tells us about so-called amateur student athletics.

  • Soldiers' untold stories

    With They Were Soldiers, Ann Jones reveals the toll that war takes on the men and women who fight U.S. wars.

  • Calling out the double standards

    NFL star Richard Sherman is especially dangerous because he is both untouchable as an athlete and merciless as a critic.

  • Imagine there's no NCAA

    The NLRB ruling that college football players can form a union has shaken the sports world to its foundations.

  • An epic Meet the Press NCAA fail

    As the business of college sports expands, this is the moment to talk about the future of the so-called "student-athlete."

  • Trotsky's legacy in Cuba

    Like his narrator in The Man Who Loved Dogs, Leonardo Padura has been made to matter less than he should.

  • Profiting off March Madness

    The obscene salaries of NCAA executives and college coaches have prompted a lawsuit by former college athletes.

  • Timely lessons about Palestine

    Ali Abunimah's new book couldn't come at a better time for those engaged in the movement for Palestinian liberation.

  • Scabs on the pitch

    The lockout of Major League Soccer referees is awful for the refs, dangerous for players and terrible for working people.

  • Songs for a socialist future

    A recently published collection provides a new generation with defiant revolutionary songs by Irish socialist James Connolly.

  • I am an invisible man

    One hundred years after his birth, Invisible Man author Ralph Ellison still inspires debate about art and about Black America.

  • Hollywood's gender imbalance

    This year's Oscars showed strides toward greater diversity, but the film industry has a long way to go toward women's equality.

  • Silent about sexual assault

    At what point will the NFL and Roger Goodell confront the haunting league-wide presence of violence against women?

  • What Michael Sam can't do

    There are many people who are putting a set of extremely unrealistic hopes onto Michael Sam's shoulders.

  • The measures of inequality

    A new book examines how the economic distance from the bottom of society to the top has grown ever larger.

  • RoboCop and the surveillance state

    The new RoboCop reboot takes aim at U.S. militarism and the state's encroachment on civil liberties.

  • The rot beyond the locker room

    The NFL's problems extend beyond the racist and homophobic behavior of the Miami Dolphins' Richie Incognito.

  • A test for the NFL, and not everyone passed

    Michael Sam's coming out is a challenge to bigotry, but the NFL remains a homophobic institution at the top.

  • United in collective disgust

    Vladimir Putin has used the Olympics to remake a region on the backs of Russia's most vulnerable, no matter what the cost.

  • America's "creditocracy"

    Two books examine how the credit industry churns out debt as fast as Detroit once did automobiles--and leaves us on the hook.

  • Military fables at the Super Bowl

    The NFL and the Pentagon rely on dishonest narratives about what happens to the people who go through their grinders.

  • Following the golden thread

    I was one among many whose lives were changed by the power of Pete Seeger's conviction and the contagion of his vision.

  • The sound of the small "c"

    Folk musician Pete Seeger reminded us that American culture has always had an organic and irresistible socialist streak.