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  • The legacy of a rebel reporter

    Rebel reporters don't hide behind desks, relying on press releases. For John Ross, they are part of the struggles they cover.

  • Still whistling "Dixie"

    The kind of right-wing populism exemplified today by Donald Trump has a long history in post-Second World War America.

  • What happened to Rey?

    The exclusion of the main character of the new Star Wars movie from merchandise aimed at kids wasn't an accident.

  • Super Bowl City meets Tent City

    The city that hosted the Super Bowl is in the midst of a stunning real estate boom—while the number of homeless jumps to new highs.

  • The Bay against the Bowl

    A journalist and Oakland resident explains why many in the Bay Area are planning not Super Bowl parties, but Super Bowl protests.

  • Why are the Oscars still lily-white?

    The all-white nominations list for this year's Oscars is the starkest example, but it is symptomatic of Hollywood as a whole.

  • Brazil in peril

    The roots of the Zika virus outbreak lie in the priorities that brought the World Cup and Olympics to Brazil in quick succession.

  • First-string socialist

    The former St. Louis Cardinal lineman and member of the International Socialists will be remembered for what he did off the field.

  • Trans issues take the small screen

    The series Transparent follows a wealthy Jewish family with a father making a transition from male to female identity.

  • Working-class history 101

    Struggle, even when defeated, shapes the institutions of U.S. society, argues a new documentary about the U.S working class.

  • A travesty of justice revealed on camera

    The Netflix series Making a Murderer tears the mask off the criminal justice system--for a huge audience across the country.

  • The big short and the long con

    The Big Short is reaching a big audience with its story of the fraud and greed that led to the 2008 Wall Street meltdown.

  • Who killed Lawrence Phillips?

    A former first-round NFL draft pick took his own life in a prison cell. But there is far more to this story than that.

  • Surviving is her superpower

    The hero of the TV series Jessica Jones is traumatized, angry, fearful, guilt-ridden, self-isolating and probably an alcoholic.

  • The force of nostalgia awakens

    The joy of nostalgia that comes with the new Star Wars movie is also the byproduct of a calculated corporate machine with billions at stake.

  • Hip-hop and the revolution

    The big hit on Broadway is a musical that uses the language of hip-hop to tell the story of "Founding Father" Alexander Hamilton.

  • The NFL won't ignore this hit

    Concussion is a David versus Goliath story that should have the NFL very worried about its bottom line.

  • He didn't do the right thing

    Spike Lee claims Chi-Raq is part of a mission to save lives in violent neighborhoods, but his solution is more victim-blaming.

  • New sounds and old stories

    SW asked writers, musicians and just plain fans about the music(s) they're listening to, reading about and otherwise enjoying.

  • The year in female protagonists

    From one-armed warriors to Black trans women, 2015 gave us complex female characters on the big and the small screens.

  • Armed in the stands?

    Using Paris as a pretext, the police are demanding to be armed on NFL Sunday--which will make all of us less safe.

  • A witch-hunt victim's revenge

    It's a welcome turn of events when a persecuted communist is the affable hero of a Hollywood movie against McCarthyism.

  • The working women's fight

    Despite its shortcomings, Suffragette captivates with the story of a factory worker who joins the women's movement.

  • Trying to get Africa right

    The left needs to focus on how African economies work, rather than only explaining why and how they don't.

  • The anti-racist uprising at Mizzou's sportswriter explains the backdrop to the dramatic advance for anti-racism at the University of Missouri.