• Oscar has the right to stay

    People are rallying to defend Oscar Canales, an immigrant who has taken sanctuary at a Greensboro church to avoid deportation.

  • Can #MeToo lead to a new "normal"?

    A woman's account of a date with actor Aziz Ansari has opened up a discussion about how sexism plays out in our intimate, everyday experiences.

  • Why did ICE want to silence Jean Montrevil?

    The deportation of a New York City activist is not only a cruel blow to his family and friends, but an outrageous travesty of justice.

  • A conviction and a resignation aren't enough

    While seeming to provide some justice, the sentencing of Larry Nassar and resignation of MSU's Lou Anna Simon are not enough.

  • In defense of the Women's Marches

    When millions of people march for women's rights and against Trump, the left can't afford to have a dismissive attitude.

  • Portrait of an unfit system

    Fire and Fury's stunning revelations have rocked the White House, but there's more to say about the whole undemocratic system.

  • A power (still) greater than their hoarded gold

    A new book by longtime labor activist and author Kim Moody makes a convincing case for the revolutionary potential of today's working class.

  • Walmart's bait and switch

    Walmart announced it will raise wages--but that came along with thousands of layoffs and a tax windfall, courtesy of the GOP.

  • Native rights and resistance after Standing Rock

    Two activists and writers on Indigenous politics discuss questions related to oppression and self-determination that lie before the struggle today.

  • Left inside the Chicago machine?

    The story of three Chicago Democrats and a seat in Congress holds lessons for the left about the need for political independence.

  • A force to be reckoned with

    SW contributors from four cities give a view from the streets of the Women's Marches and the issues that inspired participants.

  • Organizing for health care from the bottom up

    A doctor and single-payer activist looks at the successful struggle to derail Trumpcare and the fight ahead for Medicare for all.

  • One year later and twice as pissed off

    Anger and discontent surged beyond what lead organizers intended at the massive Women's Marches marking one year since Trump's inauguration.

  • The fight goes on for a deported activist

    Supporters and family of a deported activist rallied to protest the repression she faces at the hands of authorities at multiple levels.

  • City drivers get a new contract in Chicago

    After months of negotiations and a planned strike vote, city snowplow and garbage truck drivers in Chicago ratified a new contract.

  • The deportation machine that thrives on terror

    The Trump administration's anti-immigrant apparatus reaches beyond ICE agents alone in its mission to force immigrants back into the shadows.

  • NYC students get metal detectors expelled

    A December walkout at New York City high schools was the culmination of a successful student-led fightback against police searches.

  • False alarm in Hawaii, real threat to the world

    The main lesson of the false alert about an incoming missile strike isn't the need to upgrade alert systems, but to end the continuing threat of nuclear war.

  • The activist who ICE wants "disappeared"

    Maru Mora-Villalpando faces deportation after decades in the U.S.--because of her outspoken activism for immigrant rights.

  • Why single-payer is a feminist issue

    The sexism embedded in the health care system shows why advocates of women's equality need to join the single-payer fight.

  • Picked off by the right-wing thought police

    George Ciccariello-Maher's resignation is a chilling reminder that the war on left-wing voices is taking a toll and needs to be fought.

  • Finding our voices in defense of clinics

    Dozens of pro-choice activists turned out to defend a Seattle clinic, despite the attempts of Planned Parenthood to discourage them.

  • Justice for immigrants can't be temporary

    As we fight for Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran and Haitian immigrants, we also need to challenge the program's limits.

  • We stand with Ravi Ragbir

    Supporters sprung into action in support of a leading New York immigrant rights activist after he was detained at an ICE check-in.

  • Sessions doubles down in the war on weed

    Trump's attorney general has announced a new offensive in a failed war--a plan to go after states that decriminalized marijuana.