• The human toll of Fortress America

    The demand for "strong borders," coming from Republicans and Democrats alike, means more suffering--not just for immigrants, but all workers.

  • How Baldwin saw Palestine

    Twenty years before September 11, author James Baldwin ripped apart the apologies for U.S. imperialism and Israel's wars.

  • The violence of the oppressors

    Israel's oppression of Palestinians--and the resistance against it--has many echoes with the situation facing African Americans.

  • Why is the Nation still debating apartheid?

    The Nation regularly runs articles debating Israeli apartheid--a question it never considered about apartheid South Africa.

  • Our incarceration nation

    Long-term, mass incarceration has become routinized and integrated into the routine functioning of American society.

  • Will the U.S. return to the scene of the crimes?

    The insurgency challenging Iraq's government has the Obama White House considering military action--but this would only make the crisis much worse.

  • Counting toward 15

    Seattle's newly passed minimum wage law is an important advance--and hopefully the herald of other steps forward for low-wage workers.

  • Sexual violence and the neoliberal era

    Gender violence has reached "epidemic proportions," according to a UN agency--but why is this happening now?

  • Obama's emissions plan won't cut it

    It was a long wait for the Environment Protection Agency to act on carbon emissions--but its plan still won't do enough to stop the polluters.

  • Declaring independence from the 1 Percent

    What do we make of the new openings for left-wing electoral politics--and how do they fit into our larger project of building working-class power?

  • Taking the fire forward

    The author of a history of the U.S. working class movement takes the story up to today in a new introduction written for a Spanish edition of the book.

  • Minimal effort for the minimum wage

    The proposal for a $10.10-an-hour minimum wage didn't even make it to an official Senate vote--but the Democrats knew it wouldn't all along.

  • The aid-industrial complex

    Those of us who work for foreign aid NGOs and want to see change have the deck stacked against us by capitalism.

  • Why is the pipeline on pause?

    Barack Obama has once again delayed a final decision on the Keystone XL--another sign of the continuing pressure against the pipeline.

  • Taking Marx away

    A publishing company wants the works of Marx and Engels pulled from the Marxists Internet Archive--and on May Day to boot.

  • The Supreme Court leaves civil rights behind

    The court's conservative majority has taken us backward into the past--back before the civil rights movement's struggle for racial equality.

  • A racist PhD for hire

    The guru to right-wingers like Paul Ryan is Charles Murray--a bigot who made a career out of giving a social science gloss to reactionary policies.

  • The smearing of Max Blumenthal

    An ugly campaign linking the anti-Zionist writer to racist Frazier Glenn Miller is really about silencing critics of Israel.

  • The movement needs to keep moving

    The polluters and the politicians who serve them are facing growing discontent and a challenge at the grassroots.

  • We need a tipping point toward climate justice

    SocialistWorker.org talked to leading figures in the environmental justice movement to ask the question: Can we stop the tipping point?

  • A government of, by and for the rich people

    Now we know when the Supreme Court really cares about "free speech"--when it needs an excuse to help millionaires buy more political influence.

  • Connecting Earth Day to May Day

    The Global Climate Convergence--10 days of action planned from Earth Day to May Day--marks an important moment in the ecological struggle.

  • Getting serious about organization

    A member of the International Socialist Organization in New York explains what persuaded him to join the group.

  • They turned our schools into testing factories

    For students and teachers, springtime means testing time--but this year, it also means protests and boycotts against the standardized testing mania.

  • Two wrong sides don't make one of them right

    In the conflict between the new U.S.-backed government of Ukraine and the Russian-supported forces controlling Crimea, we oppose both sides.