• The Supreme Court leaves civil rights behind

    The court's conservative majority has taken us backward into the past--back before the civil rights movement's struggle for racial equality.

  • A racist PhD for hire

    The guru to right-wingers like Paul Ryan is Charles Murray--a bigot who made a career out of giving a social science gloss to reactionary policies.

  • The smearing of Max Blumenthal

    An ugly campaign linking the anti-Zionist writer to racist Frazier Glenn Miller is really about silencing critics of Israel.

  • The movement needs to keep moving

    The polluters and the politicians who serve them are facing growing discontent and a challenge at the grassroots.

  • We need a tipping point toward climate justice

    SocialistWorker.org talked to leading figures in the environmental justice movement to ask the question: Can we stop the tipping point?

  • A government of, by and for the rich people

    Now we know when the Supreme Court really cares about "free speech"--when it needs an excuse to help millionaires buy more political influence.

  • Connecting Earth Day to May Day

    The Global Climate Convergence--10 days of action planned from Earth Day to May Day--marks an important moment in the ecological struggle.

  • Getting serious about organization

    A member of the International Socialist Organization in New York explains what persuaded him to join the group.

  • They turned our schools into testing factories

    For students and teachers, springtime means testing time--but this year, it also means protests and boycotts against the standardized testing mania.

  • Two wrong sides don't make one of them right

    In the conflict between the new U.S.-backed government of Ukraine and the Russian-supported forces controlling Crimea, we oppose both sides.

  • "Openness" and the left

    When it comes to internal discussions and security, left-wing organizations need to maintain some time-tested principles.


    The latest revelations about the Big Brother spy state prove that state repression against left-wing political activism is far from a thing of the past.

  • Who's afraid of BDS?

    The movement calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel has suddenly moved from the margins to center stage.

  • How to fight Austerity U.

    The key to taking on the austerity agenda in the universities will be our ability to remake campus politics from below.

  • Oscar's legacy is alive

    A leading voice in the campaign to win justice for Oscar Grant learns how the struggle has affected a new generation.

  • The climate according to Nigel Lawson

    One famous Thatcherite in Britain is blowing the whistle on the bunk about global warming causing extreme weather.

  • A response to slander

    The ISO Steering Committee and National Committee respond to false allegations made by a group of former members.

  • Standing in the way of the pipeline

    A new report by the State Department is setting up a showdown over whether the Obama administration will push through the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • State of the unequal union

    Barack Obama will talk about inequality in his State of the Union speech, but he's as responsible as any Republican for a system that serves the rich.

  • Stealing Roe one law at a time

    Forty-one years after the Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal, the attacks on reproductive rights are coming faster than ever.

  • Not necessary, just evil

    New revelations of government spying haven't stopped the White House from defending its ability to snoop into every part of our lives.

  • Grand theft pension "reform"

    With the "pension crisis" as the excuse, the retirement futures of private- and public-sector workers are being stolen away before their eyes.

  • Ecology and gender justice

    Environmental destruction and women's oppression reinforce one another while sharing a common cause: capitalism.

  • A winter of discontent

    Why are millions of people barely getting by in the world's richest country? Some people are struggling for answers--and finding them.

  • The anti-capitalist pope?

    Pope Francis' well-publicized comments on inequality and wealth may have horrified Rush Limbaugh, but he's nowhere close to being a socialist.