Lance Selfa

  • Can the right make a comeback?

    With Barack Obama's popularity falling and some initiatives stalled, many people are asking a question that seemed impossible a few months ago.

  • What happened on November 3?

    There are two wrong interpretations of the November 3 election results circulating in the political establishment and among its chatterers.

  • Will "reform" do more harm than good?

    The insurance companies are attacking health care legislation, but their recently issued report shows how they will try to profit off reform.

  • The business of health care reform

    Like the 19th century railroad barons who built their fortunes from the public trough, the health care lobbies can spot a bonanza in the making.

  • Better than nothing or worse than nothing?

    Barack Obama's speech to Congress seemed to help him regain momentum on health care legislation. The question is whether that is a good thing.

  • Myth of the liberal lion

    Ted Kennedy is being remembered as a liberal stalwart--but also as a bipartisan dealmaker ready to set ideals aside. Those were always two sides of the same coin.

  • How the Democrats sold out health care reform

    It's time to dismiss the idea that the Democrats' good intentions are simply falling victim to a multimillion-dollar campaign by medical industry lobbyists.

  • Making excuses for health care non-reform

    The health care industry could never get away with selling the proposals masquerading as "reform" in Washington. That's what Democrats are for.

  • The next FDR or the next Hoover?

    Some of Barack Obama's most ardent supporters are unsettled by the administration's failure to pursue a bold agenda for reform.

  • Change Lite from the Obama White House

    Fewer then six months into the new administration, we're finding out that beneath the rhetoric of "change" lies more continuity than many expected.

  • The limits of liberalism

    Despite what conservatives claim, liberalism is not a version of "socialism." Rather, it's one way to run the capitalist economy and uphold the status quo.

  • Party of the (rich) people

    The Democrats are making the running to be big capital's favorite again--which explains why the "party of the people" is so quick to help Wall Street.

  • Secretary of the Thievery

    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has been criticized for what he hasn't done, like stopping those AIG bonuses. But what's worse is what he has done.

  • The Republican march toward oblivion

    The Republican Party is clinging to policies and rhetoric that millions have rejected. But will Obama deliver a real alternative?

  • What the Washington insiders don't get

    The era of conservative dominance in Washington has run aground, but the purveyors and defenders of the right-wing agenda remain in high places.

  • What's changed and what hasn't changed

    Barack Obama has been president for three weeks, and it already seems like he has lost his stride.

  • Are unions getting the backseat?

    The Republicans and big business are road-testing their approach to the Employee Free Choice Act. How will Obama and organized labor respond?

  • What's in store in the Obama era?

    Barack Obama's inauguration signifies the arrival of a new era in U.S. politics--but its exact shape depends on the struggle from below.

  • Israel's partner in war crimes

    Amid the worldwide tide of denunciations of Israel for its bloody invasion of Gaza, there's one place you won't hear a peep of criticism: Washington, D.C.

  • One bad apple or a whole rotten barrel?

    Wiretaps implicating Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich provide a window into the way government really works in the "world's greatest democracy."

  • Obama's gathering of hawks

    Barack Obama's foreign policy appointees illustrate the gap between his campaign rhetoric about "change" and the reality of "more of the same."

  • The Clinton era, part two?

    As Barack Obama fills his White House with veterans of Bill Clinton's administration, the question is: Will this be a rerun of the Clinton years?

  • A "center-right nation"?

    Despite everything that Election 2008 showed, there's no shortage of pundits insisting that the U.S. is too conservative to embrace real change.

  • Is Obama really a radical at heart?

    The right thinks he's a socialist. But many supporters have a parallel belief--that Barack Obama will reveal his true progressive nature in the White House.

  • An ally in the White House?

    Liberal supporters of Obama are taking a two-pronged approach--ignore Obama's gestures toward the right and accentuate any difference with McCain.