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  • What shut down Milo Yiannopoulos?

    Accurately describing protests and the effect of different tactics is needed to formulate a strategy for the new political period.

  • Clarifying what we mean by violence

    When people say "property damage is not violence," their intentions are largely correct, but I don't think it's a useful formulation.

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    Joining the resistance | Don't shame those who speak out | Protest is only the start | Wrong chant for the inauguration | Uses of the hacking scandal

  • Just work harder for Democrats?

    At a union strategy conference in Illinois, AFSCME members were admonished for not putting more effort into a losing strategy.

  • Views in brief

    The left response to an assault | More factors in Chicago's violence | What the hacked e-mails showed | Give Obama some credit

  • Cynical uses of the hacking allegations

    Why should we unquestioningly believe claims that Russia was attempting to throw the 2016 presidential election to Trump?

  • A defeat the Democrats deserved

    Failures of capitalist "democracy" are producing disillusion with mainstream politics and space for the far right to grow.

  • For a genuine anti-imperialism

    Don't support Assad. Don't support Russia. Don't support Iran. You can't call yourself an anti-imperialist if you do.

  • Plotting the points of a fightback

    Donald Trump, more than any other Republican president, could provoke mass opposition as a result of his overreach.

  • The big picture under Trump

    The next four years don't need to be defined one-sidedly as merely an unrelenting horror show orchestrated by Donald Trump.

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    Solidarity can win | Taking on the state at Standing Rock | Trump's misogyny is too common | Hitting Energy Transfer Partners in the wallet

  • The 18th Brumaire of Donald J. Trump?

    Only time and class struggle will tell if Donald Trump is able to succeed in establishing a 21st-century Bonapartism.

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    Castro's socialism and ours | Can America be great?| What passes for the "center" | Confused about the left

  • The contribution of students

    Students and student activism still have a central role to play in any bid to oppose the system, especially on a local level.

  • The awful lessons of internment

    The same poisonous conditions that led to Japanese internment are building up in 2016. This time, the target is Muslims.

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    Unrelenting opposition to Trump | Gramsci's method and meaning | Fighting an anti-democratic institution

  • Eight years of bailouts for the rich

    Tuesday's election was decided in March 2009, when Barack Obama met with Wall Street's banksters...and let them off the hook.

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    E.P. Thompson and pessimism | Labor at Standing Rock | We need a new party | The "lesser evil" in 1964

  • Applying Trotsky's lessons today

    The discussion continues about what's valid and what's not in an essay by Leon Trotsky about imperialism and national liberation.

  • Rethinking what we should learn

    SW readers comment on a republished essay by Leon Trotsky taking up questions about imperialism and national liberation.

  • What will stop Trumpism and what won't

    A Trump victory would neither herald fascism nor an acceleration toward the end of capitalism. We still have to organize.

  • Views in brief

    What Gramsci was allowed to say | The relevance of E.P. Thompson | Why I'm voting for Stein | We need a party for the left

  • Time to boycott the Democrats

    The pressure is on to support the "lesser evil," but activists shouldn't have to vote for Democrats who work against them.

  • Views in brief

    Advice for understanding Gramsci | Admiration for the Standing Rock struggle

  • Views in brief

    The importance of running locally | What could have reigned in Assad? | A clarification on Gramsci | Private property and Russia 1917