Issue 673

  • Clinton's last stand

    The Clintons were the key architects of a thinly veiled race-based campaign strategy that escalated as Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations disintegrated.

  • Will Obama stop the war?

    Millions of his supporters believe he is committed to a radically different course for U.S. foreign policy. But is Barack Obama really the anti-warrior he is made out to be?

  • McCain’s running mate?

    The Republicans have gotten help from two hated opponents: Hillary and Bill Clinton have set out the most effective ways to attack Barack Obama.

  • Where does Andy Stern want to take labor?

    Turns out that the man hailed by some as the savior of the labor movement in the 21st century is proving himself an old-school labor bureaucrat after all.

  • Why is South Africa being torn apart?

    Scenes of terrible violence against immigrants are playing out in South Africa’s slums, with more than 50 dead so far and tens of thousands forced to flee.

  • The struggle for a child's health

    Four-year-old Isabella Griggs won the fight of her life when an insurance giant caved to pressure and agreed to cover necessary rehabilitative training.

  • White House liar tells the truth

    The reaction to former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's memoir speaks volumes about the crisis of the Republican Party.

  • Shoes, men and stereotypes

    You might think the fact that a female-driven movie, Sex and the City, topped the box office charts would be cause for celebration. Until you see the movie.

  • "We have the right to work"

    Federal immigration officials are continuing a series of raids in the Bay Area, but their actions have sparked anger and protest.

  • Why I won't go to Iraq

    A member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who served in Afghanistan and beyond explains why he decided to defy orders to deploy to Iraq.

  • DePaul confronts a vigilante

    Some 400 people protested Minutemen cofounder Chris Simcox in the biggest anti-Minutemen demonstration in Chicago in over three years.

  • The Civil War in France

    The modern Marxist theory of the state owes its existence to the 1871 struggle of the Paris Communards, who taught people that workers can run society.

  • LA teachers set one-hour strike

    United Teachers Los Angeles has called a one-hour strike for the morning of June 6 despite the school district's attempts to stop them.

  • What's on the school privatizers' agenda?

    Behind the rhetoric about improving education, the goal of privatization is to undercut and destroy a system of public control over schools.

  • University of California strike called off

    The union for 20,000 UC service and technical workers rescinded its strike notice after a state board ordered new talks.

  • Honoring a victim of the Oakland police

    Fellow students, teachers, family members and activists marched to demand justice for José Luis Buenrostro-Gonzalez.

  • Memorial Day antiwar protests

    Antiwar veterans and activists gathered in Chicago and in other cities to honor the fallen and call for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Picturing resistance to empire

    A People's History of American Empire is the first attempt to recreate Howard Zinn's history in a new form--the graphic novel.

  • San Diego protest against ICE raids

    Activists in San Diego are organizing after federal immigration agents raided the French Gourmet and arrested 18 workers.

  • Dragging a victim through the mud

    As more people are put in desperate situations, we can expect more tragedies, with the media and politicians blaming them on "broken families" and "bad parenting."

  • The threat of ecological collapse

    A new study has found that biological diversity has declined by 30 percent in just the last 35 years.

  • Building the campus antiwar movement

    Student antiwar activists are finding an audience of people who want to talk about what it would take to end the war.

  • High stakes for the Kingsbridge strikers

    Workers at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation Center in the Bronx have been on strike for three months, with no end in sight.