Issue 678

  • Bled dry by the oil giants

    It's hard to grasp the immensity of ExxonMobil's profits for the second quarter of this year--the biggest of any corporation in U.S. history.

  • The Democrats' election to lose

    There's no shortage of reasons why George Bush and the Republicans are discredited and despised. Support for Barack Obama is one sign of the growing dissatisfaction among wider groups of people.

  • How imperial rivalries stoked war in Georgia

    Missing from the mainstream account of the Russia-Georgia war is the role of U.S. imperialism, which has sought to incorporate Georgia into NATO.

  • Who's grabbing the Olympic gold?

    The history of the International Olympic Committee is one of politics, power and greed--from conmen bilking host cities for millions to fascist sympathizers.

  • Grim and getting uglier

    Despite the latest statistics showing U.S. economic growth, the figures on jobs and inflation reflect an economy that's still on the decline a year after the financial crisis began.

  • 1968: The battle of Chicago

    Forty years ago, the world was shocked by images of violence from America's second-largest city--outside the Democratic Party convention.

  • The Chicago pol/ICE connection

    Immigrant rights activists picketed City Hall as hearings were held on Chicago police collaboration with federal immigration authorities.

  • Revolt and repression as the Games begin

    Tensions over security and a state crackdown in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympic Games have been building for months, as has protest.

  • Fear of the fists

    The audacious gesture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics still holds the power to upset all the right people.

  • Concessions mar Verizon deal

    After working eight days without a contract, and hours before a strike deadline was to expire, the CWA and IBEW announced a tentative agreement with Verizon.

  • Recruiters shut down in Boston

    Some 200 antiwar activists turned out to protest in Boston on August 2--successfully shutting down the Armed Forces Career Center before the protest even began.

  • S.F. activists confront Minutemen

    Hundreds of immigrant rights supporters mobilized on a day’s notice to send a message to the racist Minutemen that immigrants are welcome here.

  • Why we're protesting the DNC

    As the Democratic National Convention approaches, Denver activists are organizing for a week of protest, teach-ins and concerts.

  • Stop war on Iran

    A thousand demonstrators turned out in New York City's Times Square with the message "Stop War on Iran."

  • Sentenced for resisting war

    A military court sentenced James Burmeister--a soldier who fled to Canada last year rather than return to Iraq and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder--to six months in prison.

  • Chicago rally for single payer

    Supporters of single-payer health care take their message to Democratic National Committee headquarters.

  • Challenging Nancy Pelosi

    A small but spirited group of protesters turned out in Boston to demonstrate against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

  • Stop police brutality

    Providence, R.I., activists gathered to commemorate the one-year anniversary of a savage police attack.