Issue 682

  • Robbed to rescue the rich

    The financial disaster shaking the world today is the result of a free-market system that protects the wealth of a few, while the rest of us pay the price.

  • Myth and reality of Iraq's "fragile peace"

    The mainstream media insist that conditions in Iraq have improved under a "fragile peace." But the reality is fraught with conflict and complications.

  • Salesman of the month for Wall Street

    The bankers will soon begin collecting their $700 billion ransom. And they can thank Barack Obama for helping them get away with it.

  • A guide to the Wall Street meltdown

    For everyone who can't make heads or tails of the media's account, explains the causes and consequences of the financial crisis.

  • Recession's mounting toll

    Economists may be quibbling over whether a recession has officially begun, but the standard of living for workers has already taken a deep cut.

  • Who would Obama put first?

    The next president will inherit a devastating economic crisis. So what impact would that have on the agenda of a future Obama administration?

  • Still hanging tough at Boeing

    The world's second-biggest aircraft maker is out to starve 27,500 strikers back to work, but workers are holding the line.

  • SEIU's kangaroo court

    Thousands of members of SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West turned out to protest the international union's attempt to take control of their local.

  • Second World War: Not for whites only

    Spike Lee's new epic film Miracle at St. Anna puts Black soldiers back into the story of the Second World War.

  • Challenging every form of oppression

    The old slogan of the Industrial Workers of the World, "An injury to one is an injury to all," is crucial for the labor movement.

  • Challenging every form of oppression

    The old saying of the Industrial Workers of the World, "An injury to one is an injury to all," is a crucial slogan for the labor movement.

  • Winter Soldier heads to the northeast

    Activists are taking the testimonies of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans on the road with a series of Winter Soldier events in several cities.

  • Bringing Seattle to the screen

    Battle in Seattle uses video footage of the 1999 protests and an all-star cast to recall a high point in the anti-globalization struggle.

  • Faculty union chalks up victory in Vermont

    Full-time faculty, members of United Academics-AFT/AAUP win an important contract victory at the University of Vermont.

  • Day of protest over the bailout

    As anger builds over Congress' bailout for the banks, activists gathered in several cities to say "No blank check for Wall Street."

  • Refusing to be put out of their home

    On the day they were scheduled to be evicted, Frances Louis and her family worked with activists to organize a blockade.

  • Breaching Israel's blockade of Gaza

    Activists are challenging the Israeli siege on Gaza, which continues while 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza face extreme shortages of food, water and electricity.

  • Save D.C.'s homeless shelters

    People in Washington, D.C., protested the closure of a homeless shelter as Congress debated Wall Street's $700 billion bailout.

  • Standing up to anti-gay attacks in D.C.

    More than 100 people packed a church to remember Tony Randolph Hunter, who was beaten to death in an antigay attack.