Issue 684

  • The new shape of American politics

    The sweeping victory of Barack Obama shows that change is coming--but what kind, and in whose interest, depends on how working people organize.

  • What next for struggle in the Obama era? asks leading voices on the left--Howard Zinn, Mike Davis, Sharon Smith and others--about the prospects for our struggles in a new era.

  • How low will it go?

    The U.S. economy is slipping deeper into the worst crisis since the Great Depression--and the rest of the world is tumbling down after it.

  • Is Obama really a radical at heart?

    The right thinks he's a socialist. But many supporters have a parallel belief--that Barack Obama will reveal his true progressive nature in the White House.

  • What's wrong with redistributing the wealth?

    John McCain and the Republicans are irate about Barack Obama's alleged determination to "spread the wealth around." What's so bad about that?

  • Election night journal

    Analysis and commentary from our writers and columnists as the results rolled in on a historic Election Night.

  • A chronicler of our side

    Studs Terkel, who died last week at the age of 96, used his interviews to amplify working-class voices that some preferred not to hear.

  • Puerto Rico teachers defeat SEIU raid

    Puerto Rico public school teachers voted to reject a pro-management union backed by the Service Employees International Union.

  • Split ruling for Freightliner Five

    Arbitrators in the Freightliner Five case have overturned the firing of two workers, but let stand the termination of three others.

  • Overflow crowd protests Seattle budget cuts

    Providers and recipients of Seattle's social services came out in full force to oppose budget cuts proposed by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.

  • Boeing strike ends in union win

    Members of the International Association of Machinists voted overwhelmingly to approve a contract that held off management's worst demands.

  • A party to organize our side

    Anyone who has ever gotten involved in even the smallest struggle knows that without organization, little can be accomplished.

  • Winter Soldier in Baltimore

    Some 120 people turned out to hear the testimonies of soldiers and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars at Winter Soldier hearings in Baltimore.

  • RIT Antiwar protests recruiters

    A counter-recruitment action at the Rochester Institute of Technology led to Marine recruiters packing up and leaving ahead of schedule.

  • No money for war profiteers

    More than 200 students and community members attended a rally to protest the University of Vermont's investment in war profiteers, military contractors and mercenary firms.

  • Deadly cost of for-profit health care

    If any more evidence is needed that the U.S. health care system is failing, consider that the U.S. recently placed 29th in infant mortality out of 37 industrial nations surveyed.

  • In defense of affirmative action

    In spite of the numerous arguments in favor of affirmative action, its proponents have mostly suffered defeat in recent years.

  • Thousands march to protest Prop 8

    Thousands of supporters of equal marriage rights flooded the streets of San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood in defense of gay marriage.