Issue 695

  • The story of May Day

    Although May Day was founded to honor a U.S. labor struggle, few workers in this country know its origin, because our history is largely untold.

  • Change that's still to come

    Barack Obama's election was part of a shift from an era of conservative dominance, and that evolution is likely to continue, independent of what Obama does.

  • Plutocrats 1, Workers 0

    Having won the helm in the midst of a hurricane, Barack Obama is steadfastly steering the ship of state on the same catastrophic course as his predecessor.

  • Is a real recovery in sight?

    Whether the statistics show continued recession or a weak recovery, there's one economic fact no one can dispute--things are a lot worse for U.S. workers.

  • The real battles lie ahead

    If the president can dedicate hundreds of billions to bank bailouts, he certainly has the power to offer real help to the unemployed and those losing their homes.

  • What should the LGBT movement fight for?

    Different political approaches are emerging inside the LGBT struggle over what our aims should be--and how we should fight to achieve them.

  • Guilty of being poor

    The barbaric practice of imprisoning people for no other crime than falling into debt is making a comeback in 21st century America.

  • Standing up to Starbucks

    Employers are worrying about the "Starbucks problem"--the possibility that their employees might follow the example of baristas and join the union.

  • Shaping the debate on immigration reform

    As Barack Obama prepares to weigh in on immigration reform, Bay Area activists are proposing progressive legislation of their own.

  • Bursting Washington's bubble

    Now isn't the time to cheerlead Obama because those who oppose him on the right are knuckle-dragging lunatics. Now is the time to agitate.

  • Challenges facing S.F. teachers

    United Educators of San Francisco won a victory in blocking layoffs, but union leaders won’t oppose a retrograde state ballot measure, Proposition 1A.

  • Appeal denied for Troy Davis

    In a blow to the hopes of his supporters, a federal court once again denied Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis a new trial.

  • Walkout against cuts at UVM

    Students and faculty at the University of Vermont walked out in the latest action against the administration’s proposed budget cuts.

  • Vermont recognizes equal marriage rights

    Activists and supporters of equal-marriage rights celebrated a huge victory this week, as Vermont became the fourth state to recognize same-sex marriage.

  • New openings to push Obama

    At present, you would still define Obama as a centrist, but I think there's some wiggle room where forces on the left need to be pushing.

  • Reclaiming the United Farm Workers' legacy

    A new book recounts the struggle of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers to bring the treatment of farmworkers to national attention.

  • Why I'm walking out of class

    CCNY students will take action April 22 with the message: We are walking out today so we don't have to drop out tomorrow.

  • Gaza needs music too

    The Gaza Music School--one of the few places where children could learn music in the region--was destroyed by Israeli bombs. Now it will be rebuilt.

  • Why won't they let him speak?

    Clark University has canceled a speech by Norman Finkelstein, the outspoken supporter of Palestinian rights.

  • USC students protest the CIA

    Student activists reacted in disgust and protest to a recent USC promotional campaign for CIA recruiters.

  • Gainesville for LGBT rights

    In municipal elections, Gainesville, Fla., had its credentials as one of the most progressive cities in the Southeast put to the test.

  • Speaking out for single-payer

    Over 500 nurses, union workers and health care activists came to Los Angeles to have their voices heard for a national single-payer system.

  • Students send the CIA packing

    Student activists won a victory when they forced the CIA to cancel its recruitment session at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Soldiers in Schenectady?

    Mayor Brian Stratton says he is considering disbanding the city's scandal-ridden police force and asking the state to declare martial law.

  • Tenure travesty in Ithaca

    Margo Ramlal-Nankoe's supporters are protesting the decision to deny tenure to an outspoken supporter of Palestinian rights.