Topic: Sexism

  • Quit talking about equal pay and do something

    Barack Obama promised to "do away" with the unequal pay that makes workplaces look like something from "a Mad Men episode." But does he mean it?

  • Creating an anti-sexist culture

    The most definitive way to abolish sexism is engaging in struggles for women's liberation and helping to build up our side in general.

  • Sexism, liberation and the left

    Rather than "undermining solidarity" or stagnating democracy, the daily practice of anti-sexism within our organization enhances it.

  • This discussion doesn't add much

    A recent debate at SW has little to say about the political challenges we're bound to face in struggles for women's liberation.

  • Brocialism or fauxcialism?

    To say that we're killjoys if we object to the term "brocialism" and explain why is really missing the point.

  • A too-serious take on a silly word?

    I don't think there's a single person who thinks they were doing anything that important by making fun of "brocialists."

  • Our struggle is for the liberation of all

    The discussions taking place about sexism and socialism pose a question about the liberatory core of the socialist project.

  • A word for calling out sexism

    The word "brocialism" is an insult to be hurled at sexists who falsely claim they are acting in the interest of socialism.

  • Maryville, jock culture and rape culture

    Maryville follows Steubenville, and we still aren't talking about the connection between organized sports and sexual assault.

  • Daisy Coleman is a hero

    The teenage victim of a horrific rape in a Missouri town is bravely speaking out--and her words are having a national impact.

  • A study in sexism in San Diego

    San Diego's mayor stands accused of sexually harassing at least 13 women--but some on the left still support him.

  • Filner has been an ally to the left

    It is through Bob Filners's politics, not his personality, that he helps hundreds of thousands of exploited San Diegans.

  • The military's ugly secret

    The shockingly high level of sexual assault in the military is getting media attention--but the causes of the epidemic aren't.

  • Ways of (not) seeing

    CounterPunch's latest flailing defense against criticisms about sexism bizarrely invokes a 17th century Dutch painting.

  • Refusing to accept sexism

    A group of activists and scholars take issue with several articles at the CounterPunch website that recycle sexist tropes.

  • Bluff, bluster and bullshit at Counterpunch

    The Counterpunch website unleashed a torrent of abuse when an SW contributor challenged sexist language and attitudes.

  • Brought out into the open

    Angelina Jolie's announcement should open up a public discussion about lack of access to life-saving health care.

  • Attacked for addressing sexism

    When she pointed out sexism at her campus, a University of Connecticut student became the target of abuse.

  • Cries for justice for Rehtaeh

    Rehtaeh Parsons' death was caused by the institutional failure to deal with sexual assault--and thousands are outraged by it.

  • Putting the blame on teen parents

    A campaign of scare ads on the New York transit system stigmatizes teen parents--but it has sparked an angry response.

  • Scandalous sexism in Silicon Valley

    "Donglegate" involves lots of sexism, two firings and disillusionment if you thought women were getting more respect.

  • Trapped in the bell jar

    Fifty years after her death, poet and author Sylvia Plath is still a strong voice against the status of women in U.S. society.

  • How can we fight rape?

    Millions of people--women and men--want to take a stand against sexual assault and victim-blaming that are all too common in this society.

  • Berkeley takes back the night

    Some 100 participants gathered at UC Berkeley for a Take Back the Night event to break the silence around sexual assault.

  • Voices raised in Steubenville

    I drove to Steubenville, Ohio, to stand with those showing solidarity with Jane Doe outside the trial of her rapists.