Topic: Marx/Marxist tradition

  • What's the cause of endless wars?

    According to Lenin, specific wars and conflicts may have specific causes, but generalized war and conflict are permanent conditions of capitalism.

  • What do we mean by Leninism?

    The Leninist project still involves an attempt to build a centralized revolutionary party based on the most advanced workers.

  • No claims on the "Truth"

    A reader challenges a characterization in Paul Le Blanc's contribution to the discussion on Leninism.

  • Leninism, No?

    There is a distinctive political approach and body of thought that can legitimately and constructively be termed Leninism.

  • Lenin: Yes! Leninism: No?

    That Lenin was an important revolutionary leader, and that his life and work repay our study today, are not in doubt. But what of "Leninism"?

  • Socialism connects the dots

    Some 1,450 people attended the Socialism 2014 conference in Chicago to discuss the struggles of today--and tomorrow.

  • Lenin's revolutionary strategy in our times

    At the heart of has been called "the Leninism of Lenin" is an uncompromising commitment to revolutionary democracy.

  • Socialism from below

    Workers' struggle from below has never been stopped by the theories from above--and it has changed the world many times.

  • Government by the people

    A new installment of The Two Souls of Socialism discusses the debates within German social democracy and the early American movement.

  • Rosa Luxemburg and the pathway to socialism

    Socialism is about much more than "big government"--it will replace an economic dictatorship with an economic democracy.

  • Revolution from above?

    Even if their rhetoric is about freedom and liberty, the currents of socialism-from-above currents take the masses out of the equation.

  • Socialism and democracy

    This first installment of The Two Souls of Socialism introduces Karl Marx's idea of the self-emancipation of the working class.

  • The innermost secret

    A book by Peter Hudis attempts to uncover in Marx's writings his vision of a new society and its key elements.

  • An American Bolshevik Party

    In 1946, a leader of the Trotskyists in the U.S. laid out an analysis of the tasks facing revolutionary socialists.

  • The privatization of Karl Marx

    Supporters of the Marxists Internet Archive are protesting a publisher's demand to take down writings by Marx and Engels.

  • Labor and human evolution

    Human beings are part of nature, and their unique ability to have an impact on it is the result of a long evolutionary process.

  • Marxism and the making of history

    At the core of Marxism is the answer to a question: If people are products of their circumstances, how can they change those circumstances?

  • Theses on national questions

    In 1920, Lenin took up the question of how socialists approach the demands of colonies and oppressed nations for equality.

  • Agitation and propaganda

    When they make their case, socialists take into account the audience they hope to convince and the kinds of arguments needed at the time.

  • What do we say about the national question?

    Lenin insisted that support for the right of oppressed nations to self-determination is indispensible for building international working-class solidarity.

  • The question of nationalities

    In letters written in 1922, Lenin argued about the approach of the Russian workers' state toward oppressed nations.

  • The question of Ukraine

    In 1939, Leon Trotsky turned his attention to Ukraine and the right of oppressed nations to self-determination.

  • Trotsky's developed insight

    The radical novelty of Leon Trotsky's theory of uneven and combined development is often underestimated.

  • Defending time-honored principles

    The ISO does not have delusions of grandeur about being "the" revolutionary party. Its self-stated goal is more modest.

  • Peru's economic evolution

    A Peruvian socialist traces the impact of imperial conquest and colonialism on the country's economy and society.