An innocent man facing execution

June 11, 2008

DESPITE DNA testing that has cleared him, a polygraph he has passed showing that he has been telling the truth all along, and a written confession from codefendant John Wade Adams, the state of Texas has set an execution date of September 9 for Gregory Wright.

Executions have resumed in Texas after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that lethal injection is not cruel and unusual, and Texas has over 14 lined up for the coming months. After a seven-month hold, Texas is wasting no time in executing inmates.

However, anyone who has read about the case of Greg Wright has to admit that Wright is an innocent man, and should be removed from the death row unit and freed of all charges, or at least be given a new and fair trial.

What more proof does Texas need to admit that Wright did no wrong in the murder of Donna Vick? Wright's codefendant has admitted that he murdered her, and he also sits on death row, waiting his turn to die.

Wright's wife Connie has been by his side throughout his imprisonment since 1997 and has created a Web site with facts about his case and a petition for people to sign. She hopes to gather as many signatures as possible to present to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

The facts about his case and the petition can be read here. She urges everyone to show their support for an innocent man and sign the petition.

This is not the first time an innocent man has been on Texas death row. In August 2007, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted to commute the sentence of then-death row inmate Kenneth Foster. Gov. Rick Perry commuted his sentence to life without parole.

Foster was sentenced under the "law of parties," which states that someone present at a murder scene can also be charged with a capital crime. Foster was the getaway driver, and never left the car during the commission of the crime.

It seems the death penalty is no longer reserved for those who commit heinous crimes. Others that were sentenced under the law of parties in Texas have already been executed, and more sit on death row.

Although Wright was not sentenced under the law of parties, he was railroaded to Texas death row, an innocent man. He has proof of his innocence, and the fact that he has been given an execution date doesn't make any sense. More than 122 inmates have been exonerated from death row, and that fact alone should be reason enough for Texas to agree that this man is clearly innocent.

Will they proceed with the execution of Greg Wright, knowing he is an innocent man? Please help the Wright family get the justice they deserve. Because if they proceed with this execution, it will be nothing less than cold-blooded murder.
Dee Hawk, from the Internet

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