Danny Katch

  • Merry Capitalist!

    In this week's column, see how the other not-even-close-to-half buys their presents: Find a quisling to tell them what to get.

  • Touch of evil

    In this week's column, meet a modern-day Philip Marlowe, trying to crack a murder case that only he can't seem to solve.

  • Gimme some DAPL

    In this week's column, the Dakota Access Pipeline pushers get a rare chance to tell their side of the story.

  • The Trump years: A history in tweets

    This week, we let the Twitter history of @Donald Trump document his presidency, from the heady first days to the people's revolution.

  • Trumpin' Around!

    In this week's column: Why wouldn't the new president act like a character in a goofy 1980s sitcom during his first day in office.

  • Too soon?

    In this week's special election edition, more on the winner who lost, the "winner" who lost and won, and that "ah shit" moment.

  • Masquerading as human beings

    This week's column, in which we ask: Why would anyone dress up like one of the so-called people they want us to vote for?

  • We are the champions

    In this week's column: Why hasn't the coach of the Pentagon been fired--and why doesn't the insurance industry just go to hell?

  • Sorry not sorry

    This week's column is--of course--a mostly Trump special edition, along with a list of sorry excuses for human beings.

  • Let them eat Quesalupas

    The premier of a new weekly column from SW catches you up on news of corporate super-villains, dairy dumping and--of course--Donald Trump.

  • They do protect and serve, just not you

    Michael Bloomberg's increasingly strange statements about stop-and-frisk rest on an assertion that cops are there to stop crime.

  • Segregation by any other name

    Blacks and Latinos are two-thirds of New York City public school students--but barely a quarter of the "gifted and talented."

  • Obstacle course to citizenship

    Barack Obama presents himself as a friend of immigrants, but the path to citizenship he touts would make a drill sergeant envious.

  • Nature's mass protests against climate change

    This weekend's protest against the tar sands pipeline will be big--but nature is responsible for far larger demonstrations against climate change.

  • Don't be like Mikes

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg always seems to be out of money, while Entrepreneur Michael Bloomberg is rolling in it.

  • Sticking to their Glocks

    Sure, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA are maniacs--but the liberal supporters of gun control have their own myth of the Good Guys with Guns.

  • Remember when Obama was antiwar?

    Barack Obama first came to prominence in the 2008 election because of his opposition to George Bush's wars. Now he's in charge of several of his own.

  • Night of the Living Debate

    Those of you who were too bored or busy to watch the presidential debate had the right idea. So I wrote a new version.