Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

  • Race and class under Rahm

    The national picture for Black America is bleak enough, but the situation in cities like Chicago is downright catastrophic.

  • Building a multiracial Occupy movement

    The Occupy movement has the potential to draw attention to how economic injustices overlap with racial injustices.

  • "No, he won't" for Black America

    Ordinary African Americans will have to fight for their own "Black agenda" since no one can seriously expect Barack Obama to do it.

  • Blind to the bankers' fraud

    The biggest banks have been exposed for fraud in carrying out foreclosures--but the Obama administration is staying silent.

  • Urban rebellions and social change

    Far from being "pointless violence" the Black urban rebellions of the 1960s changed the direction of U.S. politics.

  • What has Obama done for African Americans?

    Barack Obama and his supporters are out to shore up the African American voting bloc for 2012--but his policies have been harmful to the Black community.

  • Demonizing the rebellion

    In the unfolding Egyptian revolution, leaders of the imperial West have tried to paint the struggle as "chaos."

  • Sent to jail for caring about her kids' future

    An African American single mother in Ohio was sent to prison because her children attended a mostly white school.

  • Bearing the brunt of a new witch-hunt

    The scapegoating of public-sector employees threatens to have a disproportionately disastrous impact in African American communities.

  • Not one more eviction

    On the heels of a victory that stopped some evictions in Chicago, activists are calling for an immediate moratorium on all evictions.

  • The other housing crisis

    While the media focuses on the plight of homeowners, there's a hidden housing crisis--the struggle of millions of people to find affordable rental units.

  • How the right redefined racism

    The firestorm over Shirley Sherrod and her firing shows how far the "national discussion" on race has shifted to the right.

  • Calling out the Tea Party racists

    After months of getting cover from the media and politicians, the so-called Tea Party Movement has been exposed for the racism at its core.

  • End of the "war on crime"?

    Some commentators interpret a slight decline in incarceration rates as a sign that the "war on crime" is over. But there's more to the question.

  • Arizona's "Juan Crow"

    Arizona's draconian anti-immigrant law will create fear and intimidation--but it is also sparking resistance in the state and beyond.

  • When Black homeowners fought back

    The struggle of the Contract Buyers League in 1960s Chicago holds lessons for the victims of today's housing crisis.

  • The housing struggle then and now

    African Americans suffering from foreclosures on homes and rentals can draw on the lessons of Martin Luther King's fight against slums in Chicago.

  • Dreams shattered in Black America

    From redlining and segregation to predatory lending and foreclosures, racism against African Americans has always played out on the issue of housing.

  • The media's scapegoating reflex

    The earthquake that rocked Haiti has brought back hard memories of the racist atmosphere whipped up after the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

  • Black America's economic freefall

    The economic crisis in Black communities constitutes an outright depression that has gone largely unnoticed because of the government's racist indifference.