The war for our rights in Wisconsin

The protests in Wisconsin's capital building have galvanized the labor movement (Brian Kersey | UPI)

The upsurge of protest against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's union-busting assault has galvanized unionists and all supporters of social justice. Finally, the one-sided war against unions and working-class living standards, the scapegoating of public-sector workers as the source of the crisis, and the victimization of the most vulnerable is being challenged. Here, has collected some of our coverage from Wisconsin, plus articles that set out the background to this important struggle.

Wisconsin in Perspective

From uprising to recall disaster

Union leaders and Democratic officials shifted the uprising in Wisconsin against Scott Walker toward the ballot box--with disastrous results.

The lessons of Wisconsin

Firefighters joined other workers in new protests in Madison, Wis. (Katie Zama | SW)

Scott Walker's road to victory in the Wisconsin recall election began when union leaders demobilized the labor uprising of February and March 2011.

From Madison to Zuccotti Park

The occupation of Wisconsin's Capitol building began one year ago--an event that set the stage for the Occupy movement.

Balance sheet after Walkerville

Despite the revival of the protest movement from earlier this year, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker won approval for his brutal budget.

The Occupation of the Capitol

Wisconsin and the fight ahead

The uprising in Wisconsin has given us all a taste of the power of mass mobilization and the importance of struggle--especially the class struggle.

What do we do next?

We need to up the ante in Wisconsin by withholding the one thing they can't strip away from us--the work we do.

Lessons of the Capitol struggle

The occupation of Wisconsin's Capitol has ended, but the debates among activists will continue as the fight enters a new stage.

Spirit of the struggle

The struggle will go on

Scott Walker pushed through his anti-union legislation in Wisconsin, but a massive labor rally showed the struggle to stop the union-busters isn't over.

Justice is in the air

There is a lot in the air in Wisconsin: justice, solidarity, struggle, dignity, determination, generosity. You see it and breathe it everywhere.

Solidarity City

Madison was the site of a massive mobilization to defend union rights, as the movement debated whether to maintain its occupation of the state Capitol.

The meaning of Madison

The surge of solidarity to support Wisconsin workers marks the renewal of the U.S. labor movement and the struggle for social justice.

Economics of austerity

Cuts that leave nothing behind

State budget cuts in social services are so deep that many programs and agencies are disappearing--precisely at a moment when they're needed most.

Capitalism's mutating crisis

This is an economic crisis that keeps mutating, generating new kinds of illnesses in the system--so with every "cure" comes signs of damage elsewhere.

The cuts they won't consider

Instead of making working people pay the price for reducing the federal deficit, how about raising taxes on the rich and cutting the Pentagon budget?

The international dimension

A world of extremes

2010 will go down in history as a year of austerity, imposed on a stunning scale. But it will also be remembered as a year we saw stirrings of resistance.

Austerity on steroids

Ireland is the latest flashpoint of the crisis--and political leaders who spared no expense when banks were in trouble now want workers to pay.

The revolt shaking France

Strikes and demonstrations have spread to every corner of France as conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy pushes his proposal for pension "reform."

What's next for Greece?

The general strikes and protests that have shaken Greek society are driven by an economic crisis that will reshape European politics.

The Uprising in Wisconsin's Lee Sustar, who reported from Madison throughout the rebellion, wrote this account of the struggle as a chapter in a new book.

The new witch-hunt

Blame billionaires, not workers

After looting the Treasury to bail out the banks, Corporate America and the politicians want to blame the budget deficit on public-sector workers.

Their lies about public workers looks at seven myths about public-sector compensation and government deficits--and provides the facts to counter them.

Defending public-sector labor

The public employees and their supporters defying Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are showing us the stakes for the whole labor movement.

Myth of the greedy workers

Politicians and the media have found a new scapegoat for the economic crisis and the savage budget cuts being carried out by state and local governments.

Billionaires looking out for us

Ever vigilant about making the world a fairer place, our bosses are challenging the true source of inequality in U.S. society--public-sector workers.

The Republican agenda

The making of Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (Megan McCormick)

Throughout his career, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's slavish devotion to corporate interests has ensured a steady flow of business support and big money.

The debate is how deep to cut

Get ready for talk of a federal government shutdown because of differences over the budget to drag on for weeks.

The Republicans take aim

There's a target painted on your back--and the Republicans who are taking over in the House this month are getting ready to pull the trigger.

The old trickle-down trick

The Republicans are at it again, claiming that Bush-era tax breaks have to be extended so the rich will create jobs. So why are Democrats going along?

Democrats and austerity

Steering the struggle to voting

Organized labor's commitment to the Democrats has come at a steep cost to the unions' ability to advance even basic working-class politics.

On the austerity bandwagon

President Obama during a meeting with Cabinet members (Pete Souza)

Barack Obama's budget proposal shows that the question for Democrats and Republicans alike isn't whether to impose cuts, but how deep they'll go.

Blueprint for the cuts to come

Barack Obama's deficit commission issued a report recommending unprecedented austerity measures that will serve as a model for future budget proposals.

Jerry Brown's brutal budget

California Gov. Jerry Brown's new budget will force workers, students and the poor to pay for the economic crisis.

Cuomo lowers the budget ax

The new governor of New York claims to be a friend of labor--but he's taking aim at the state's public-sector unions.

From hope to hopeless

The Democrats lost the November 2 election because they disappointed millions of people who believed them when they talked about hope and change.