Topic: Budget cuts/austerity

  • Trump's attack on schoolkids

    The Trump administration's claims about after-school programs not helping students aren't just cruel, but demonstrably false.

  • Connecticut state workers face big cuts

    A Democratic governor is using the threat of mass layoffs of state workers as a negotiating tactic against Republicans.

  • Republican budget blackmail works again

    The Democrats are claiming that they won out against the Republicans' steamroller, but how much is there to celebrate in the budget agreement?

  • Time to take the money from the banks

    Budget cuts that target Chicago schools but leave bankers' profits intact have sparked renewed protests against Rahm Emanuel.

  • A win for Pittsburgh public transit

    Transit activists and union members came together and won an important victory for public transportation in the Pittsburgh area.

  • Sending a message to Shumlin

    Vermont's Democratic governor has a liberal reputation, but workers and service providers are taking on his austerity agenda.

  • Time to up the pressure on Shumlin

    Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is proposing deeper cuts, but workers and activists are planning to send a message of resistance.

  • Running Illinois like a banker

    Union members traveled to the state capital to protest Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to slash social spending and workers' rights.

  • Fighting for a people's budget in Seattle

    Community and labor groups responded to Kshama Sawant's call for an alternative budget for the people of Seattle.

  • Why do disabled kids have to pay the price?

    The families of young children are scrambling to find services as Head Start and Early Head Start are eviscerated.

  • Closing down our child care

    The lives of parents and children at a Chicago child care center were turned upside down when the center shut its doors.

  • El saqueo de nuestras pensiones

    Los políticos nos roban los fondos de pensiones, en el sector privado tanto como el público, y a plena vista de todos.

  • Grand theft pension "reform"

    With the "pension crisis" as the excuse, the retirement futures of private- and public-sector workers are being stolen away before their eyes.

  • The end of austerity?

    Some elite voices are challenging the ruling class consensus in favor of austerity--but that doesn't mean the cuts will end.

  • Save the Salem mail facility

    Protesters from across Oregon gathered to take part in civil disobedience against the scheduled closure of a mail facility.

  • More austerity ahead in Detroit

    The appointment of an "emergency manager" in Detroit will mean painful cuts for poor and working-class residents.

  • Taking NYC workers for a ride

    Another round of transit fare increases is hitting New Yorkers, as the MTA tries to make riders pay for its mistakes.

  • Peleando por cuánto cortar

    La riña de los políticos en Washington oculta su acuerdo bipartidista: no hay alternativa a austeridad, sólo falta decidir cuánto cortar.

  • Defending a day care center

    The planned closing of a small Brooklyn day care center inspired weeks of protest by staff and supporters.

  • Save Seattle's Free Ride Zone

    More than 100 Seattle residents protested the elimination of a program that has provided free transportation since 1973.

  • Fighting for our rec centers

    Baltimore activists are waging a campaign to keep their rec centers open after the city closed four and threatened to close more.

  • Making our food less safe

    The politics of austerity are impacting the food system, with a dangerous proposal to reduce inspections of the chicken industry.

  • Bus drivers and riders unite

    Two members of the Transit Riders Union in Seattle spoke out at a solidarity event against cuts to the Metro service system.

  • A May Day "funeral" in Long Beach

    A spirited May Day march in Long Beach highlighted how budget cuts are affecting education from college to kindergarten.

  • Transit cuts punish workers

    Proposed budget cuts and layoffs in the Boston transit system will mean greater hardship for workers and the poor.