Issue 689

  • Are unions getting the backseat?

    The Republicans and big business are road-testing their approach to the Employee Free Choice Act. How will Obama and organized labor respond?

  • The tale of two apartheids

    South Africa under the former apartheid regime had a history of close ties to Israel--based on the two countries' identification with each other's racist cause.

  • The battle to save our schools in Chicago

    Busloads of angry teachers and parents will descend on a Chicago Board of Education meeting today to protest a plan to close schools and fire teachers and staff.

  • The biggest swindle of all

    The scale of Bernie Madoff's $50 billion fraud is staggering, but that shouldn't be allowed to obscure the bigger crimes at the heart of the capitalist system.

  • Trauma etched on every face

    A resident of Gaza City describes the horrors inflicted on Palestinians during Israel's war--and how the anger is feeding the determination to resist.

  • Will the government take over the banks?

    Citigroup and Bank of America are staggering under a new wave of losses as the deepening recession drags down the financial system.

  • Looking forward to change

    Millions of people jammed into Washington to see history made with Barack Obama's inauguration. What they do now will shape the new era.

  • Taking a stand for justice in Oakland

    Some 3,000 people rallied in Oakland in the latest of a series of protests against the police killing of an unarmed man on New Year's Day.

  • Drawing the line in Seattle

    The Seattle school board will vote on a proposal to close five schools--but it's under pressure from angry teachers and parents.

  • A movement builds against Israel's apartheid

    Student activists in Britain are occupying their universities in solidarity with the people of Gaza, and antiwar forces are pressuring the BBC.

  • Against bipartisanship

    Barack Obama is promising a new era of "post-partisan" politics--but that's a politicians' cliché for making concessions on important issues.

  • Attack of the fake "reformers"

    Teachers and parents are sending a message: Don't ruin public education and call it "reform"--and don't make our kids pay for your crisis.

  • What's next after Guantánamo?

    Barack Obama is honoring a campaign pledge to close the U.S. prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, but there are omissions and inconsistencies in his actions.

  • Ordered to pay a living wage

    Hotel workers in Emeryville, Calif., won a significant victory when the city council ordered Woodfin Suites to pay $200,000 in back wages.

  • Nothing to apologize for

    Supporters of abortion rights have a lot to be hopeful about, but questions about the movement's direction are as pressing ever.

  • Haunted by what he forgot

    The animated documentary Waltz with Bashir exposes the truth about Israel's role in the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre.

  • UC workers demand answers

    About 50 members and supporters UC staff workers stormed the offices of millionaire and UC Regent Richard Blum.

  • Recruiters banned at RIT

    Antiwar activists at the Rochester Institute of Technology are celebrating after military recruiters were banned from the Student Alumni Union.

  • Madison forum on Obama and the left

    Over 300 people braved a frigid sub-zero evening in Madison, Wis., to hear a panel discussion on "The Left and Obama."

  • Protesting Warren at King Day

    Some 120 people came out in Atlanta to protest the King Center's choice of Rick Warren as keynote speaker at its annual service.

  • The fight at Great Western Erectors

    Lack of clean drinking water is just one example of the conditions that workers at Great Western Erectors are organizing to end.

  • Protest for day laborers in Queens

    A spirited crowd of at least 30 protested police harassment of mainly immigrant construction workers as they wait for work in Queens.

  • Dr. Gupta's unhealthy record

    It is beyond dismaying that President-elect Barack Obama would choose CNN pundit Sanjay Gupta as the next surgeon general.

  • Protesting the anti-abortion bigots

    Some 200 pro-choice activists turned out to counter-protest the so-called "March for Life" in San Francisco.